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Asphalt Rollers

Trade Names: Double-drum roller, Tandem drum, Smooth drum roller, 1-ton roller


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An eccentric in the front drum produces vibration

Hydraulically driven tandem drums use dynamic force, a combination of static pressure and force from a rotating eccentric, to compact the underlying surface. Low amplitude (.019”), medium frequency vibration (4,200 VPM) makes it ideal for both granular soil and asphalt applications.

Who uses Asphalt Rollers?Residential, commercial and concrete contractors; municipalities, DOT’s

Where are Asphalt Rollers needed?
Asphalt paving and patching, compaction of granular material and road base

What else may the customer need?
Vibratory plates, Water trailers, Safety Equipment, hand tools

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Let’s Talk Rollers.

  1. Reliable Honda GX630 Engine offers easy starting and exceptionally quiet operation.
  2. Compact Design provides clear sight lines for better steering.
  3. Recessed Drive Motors and minimal frame overhang enables clearance of high curbs and obstructions
  4. Maintenance Free Articulation Joint & Vibratory Assembly greatly reduces service time.
  5. Heavy Duty steel frame and high strength fiberglass composite resist wear and are exceptionally durable.
  6. Easy To Use Controls Provide intuitive access to vibration, water pump and water flow controls.

DID YOU KNOW? Double-drum rollers are popular, but municipalities often look for single drum rollers like the V305-series.

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