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Trade Names: Jumping jack, tamper, packer MQ Mikasa

How do Rammers work?

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Rammers use a crank gear and connecting rod to compress springs located in the lower end of the unit. This results in HIGH amplitude, LOW frequency IMPACT that consolidates material, removes air pockets and increases load bearing ability.

Who uses rammers?
Underground and general contractors, municipalities, landscapers, utilities

What soil type is ideal for rammers?
Ideal for compacting cohesive soils, but not suited for granular material

Where are rammers needed?
Trench compaction, confined areas, utility construction, cemeteries, plumbing and landscaping

What else may the customer need?
Users may require transit levels, shovels, cut-off saws, safety equipment, skid steers, mini-excavators and water trailers

Let's Talk Rammers.

  1. Selection - Multiquip offers 6 different models including narrow trench rammers
  2. EarthSmart - Emission-free option of Honda battery powered rammer at 165 pounds
  3. Ergonomics - Vibration dampening of handle and well balanced design reduce operator fatigue
  4. Reliable Starting - Honda Engines
  5. Reduced Down Time - MTX-Series rammers feature cyclonic air filters with two-stage pre-cleaners
  6. Simple Operation - A single lever controls throttle, start/stop and fuel shut-off function

DID YOU KNOW? Narrow trench shoes are available as options.

Learn more! Download MQ Rammer brochure or the MQ Soil Compaction Handbook at