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Rebar Benders

Trade Names: Rod bender, MQ


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An electric motor drives a set of gears that forces a roller (die) around a collar (die) to a preset stop making a specific radius bend.

Who uses rebar benders?
General contractors, concrete contractors, utility construction, government agencies and municipalities

When do you recommend a rebar bender?Anytime the need to bend or form rebar exists. Large jobsites or production requirements using manual benders require excessive labor. Completing the same task with an electric bender reduces labor and increases both production and profits.

Is all rebar the same?
Rebar varies by diameter and hardness (grade). Check the specifications of the material to ensure it is matched to the performance capability of the machine.

What else may the customer need?Users may require hearing protection, eye protection, mixers, and vibrators, rebar tying and cutting equipment

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Let’s Talk Benders.

  1. Capacity - Multiquip’s MB25A can bend anything between 3/8” (#3 rebar) & 1” (#8 rebar).
  2. Bending Time - From 45° to 180°, this model will complete the bend in less than 10 seconds increasing production.
  3. Bending Surface - The MB25A is equipped with a ½” solid steel top plate. Wear and tear are virtually non-existent
  4. Precise Control - fine tune angle adjustment to increase or decrease the bend radius according to size and PSI rebar in use.
  5. Maintenance - Built to last, the operator only needs to clean of the top plate to remove debris buildup.

DID YOU KNOW? The MB25A comes standard with a foot pedal operators switch to enable hands free bending.

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