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Rebar Cutters

Trade Names: Rod cutter, MQ


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An electric motor drives a hydraulic pump that forces a piston equipped with a cutting blade forward to shears the rebar.

Who uses rebar cutters?
General contractors, concrete contractors, utility construction, government agencies and municipalities, demolition, search and rescue

When do you recommend a rebar cutter?Anytime the need to cut or trim rebar exist before or after concrete placement. Grinders, chop saws, cut-off wheels all throw sparks and cause the rebar to heat up weakening the integrity of the material.

Is all rebar the same?
Rebar varies by diameter and hardness (grade). Check the specifications of the material to ensure it is matched to the performance capability of the machine.

What else may the customer need?Users may require hearing protection, eye protection, rebar bending equipment, concrete vibrators, mixers, rebar tying equipment

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Let’s Talk Cutters.

  1. Selection - Multiquip offers 2 models to choose from for different size rebar cutting needs.
  2. Cutting Time - Cut 60,000 psi rated rebar in less than 3 seconds and substantially reduce labor.
  3. Cutting Surface - The HBC series uses heat-treated, high-strength, steel cutting blades.
  4. Magnetic Particle Filter - Built into the hydraulic reservoir, assists in keeping wear debris out of the hydraulic system.
  5. Safety - Built-in safety covers keep debris away from the operator.

DID YOU KNOW? MQ cutting blades can be rotated up to 4 times to maximize their useful cutting life.

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