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Concrete Screeds

Trade Names: Walk-behind screed, truss, roller screed, strike off, Whiteman, Wet Screed. DuoScreed™


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As concrete is placed, pockets of air and aggregate develop. A screed levels and may vibrate the concrete to settle the aggregate and bring the air up to the surface for proper finishing.

Walk-behind screeds - Ideal for smaller residential and commercial flatwork jobs, the DuoScreed is suitable for medium to high slump applications.

Truss screeds - Ideal for commercial or industrial flatwork and paving jobs. All steel construction makes it the best choice for medium to high slump conditions.

Who uses concrete screeds?
Homeowners, general contractors, concrete contractors and municipalities

What else may the customer need?
Safety equipment, vibrators, trowels, hand tools and rebar equipment

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Let’s Talk Screeds.

  1. Selection - Multiquip offers 2 types of screeds – DuoScreed, Truss Screed each designed to cover a variety of application and job requirements.
  2. Plan Ahead - Do you need flexibility to adapt for tomorrow’s jobs? Don’t undersize!
  3. What's My Slump? - Stiff, dry, mix designs require extra power to cut through the mud.
  4. Quick Setup Required? - The DuoScreed delivers and is ideal for municipal, residential and smaller industrial work.

DID YOU KNOW? MQ Whiteman truss screeds can extend up to 65’ in length

Learn more! Download the DuoScreed, and Truss Screed brochures at