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Trade Names: MQ, MQ Power, welder-generator, stinger, WhisperWeld


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Welders utilize electricity – AC & DC Current - to liquefy base metals so that they can be bonded together. In most all welding practices, some type of filler material is used to fill the gap which becomes stronger than the material being welded.

Who uses Welders?General Contractors, Steel outfitters, ship yards, oil & gas pipelines, mining, fence companies, ornamental design

When do you recommend a welder?
General repair, structural work, MQ’s Engine driven welders also serve the need for jobsite AC power.

What else may the customer need?
Users may require welding leads, rod or wire, grinders, clamps, metal cutting equipment. Safety equipment including gloves, welding helmet, respiratory devices

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Let’s Talk Welders.

  1. Selection - Choose models with DC welding output from 135 amps to 500 amps; with up to 14kW AC output
  2. Alternator - 100% copper windings for optimum conductivity
  3. Engine - Choose from reliable Honda gasoline and Kubota Diesel engines.
  4. Voltage Regulation - Maintained as low as ±1.5% to produce the cleanest sinewave in the market.
  5. Contractor Grade Features - Dual weld capability, CC/CV output, Economy mode & wire remote options.
  6. Cabinets provide security, protection from the elements, sound attenuation and can be trailer mounted.

DID YOU KNOW? Selected MQ welders feature fuel saving Smart Stick technology that shuts down the engine during periods of no load and allow restart with a tap of the welding rod.

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