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Concrete Vibrators

Trade Names: Vibrator, Flex-shaft, High cycle, Poker, MQ, Whips, Stingers



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A rotating eccentric weight creates high frequency vibration to remove air from the concrete after placement, consolidating the material and producing a product with higher strength.

Who uses concrete vibrators?
General contractors, concrete contractors, utility construction, government agencies and municipalities

What applications use concrete vibrators?Bridges, skyscrapers, home footings, masonry block fill, concrete flatwork, roadways, paving and pre-cast industry

How to pick the correct concrete vibrator?
Flex-shaft-vibrators - recommended for medium to high concrete slump conditions.
High-cycle vibrators - best for low slump applications (Bridges, highways, airport runways).

What else may the customer need? Users may require hearing protection, eye protection, rebar bending equipment, concrete vibrators, mixers, rebar tying equipment

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Let’s Talk Vibrators.

  1. Selection - Multiquip offers Flex-shaft models and High-cycle models to meet any application requirement.
  2. Head Construction - Industrial grade steel casings and roller bearings insure long operation with minimal
  3. Flex Shaft Options - Choose rugged UL listed motors or Honda powered drive units. Couple with shafts ranging from 2’ to 21’ in length and steel heads up to 2-5/8” diameter.
  4. High-Cycle Options - FX and FXA series vibrators feature a motor-in-head design to optimize performance, pair with a 60/180 Hz generator or high-frequency inverter.

DID YOU KNOW? Checking the inner core of flex shafts for proper greasing before use prevents costly downtime during the job.

Learn more! Download Concrete Vibrator Specifications or the MQ Vibrator Handbook at