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Water Trailers

Trade Names: water trailers, water wagons


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A standard centrifugal pump (1) draws water from the tank (3) and is tied into the distribution manifold (2). The pressurized water can be discharged through numerous ports on the water trailer (4). A rear spray bar assembly (not shown) operates in a similar manner to the discharge ports.

Who uses water trailers?General contractors, farmers, residential and commercial operators; municipalities, government agencies, first response organizations and public works

How are water trailers used?
Construction site dust control, emergency firefighting response, general construction, agricultural and irrigation support, and equipment wash down.

What else may the customer need?
Hoses, couplers, spray nozzles, hose reels, pumps and compaction equipment

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Let’s Talk Water Trailers.

  1. Trailer Design - A DOT certified, powder coated steel design provides long service life.
  2. Tank Design - 6 molded baffles control water movement during acceleration and stopping for smooth towing.
  3. Simple Manifold Controls - Simple (2) two handle design controls all suction and discharge operations
  4. Pump Choice - the Multiquip QP2H centrifugal pump sets the industry standard for 2” pump performance.
  5. Easy Coupling - all discharge ports (excluding ¾” hose bibs) are fitted with cam & groove quick disconnect couplers

DID YOU KNOW? The rear spray bar can produce an 8’ cone pattern using only the gravity feed from the 500 gallon tank.

Learn more! Download the MQ Water Trailer specifications or the MQ Pumping Handbook at