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Power Buggies

Trade Names: Georgia buggy, buggy, track buggy, TuffTruk



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Power buggies were originally developed as a way to quickly place concrete on job sites. Their versatility and drive options, make them a popular choice for other applications including landscaping and debris removal.

Who uses buggies?
General contractors, concrete contractors and nurseries

What can buggies carry?Concrete, debris, landscaping material, soil, rocks, sub-base material

What else may the customer need?
Concrete vibrators, screeds, trowels, rebar equipment, cut-off saws

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Let’s Talk Buggies.

  1. Tub Construction - polyethylene tub facilitates quick clean-up
  2. Tub Capacity - choose from either 16 or 21 cubic foot models
  3. Drive Options - models are available with wheel or track drive to power through tough conditions
  4. Tires - Foam filled tires eliminate down time and provide “air-like” ride quality
  5. Zero Emissions - The TuffTruck offers the convenience of battery power and integral 120 volt charging

DID YOU KNOW? You can remove the outer wheels of our 16 cubic foot model to pass through narrow doorways.

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