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Trench Rollers

Trade Names: Articulating roller, Trench roller, MQ, Rammax


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The rollers feature drums adaptable to trench widths of 24” and 33”. Steel pads provide traction for cohesive and mixed soil conditions common in many excavations. Diesel powered and hydraulically driven, it is controlled with a wireless remote keeping the operator safely out of the trench. Large eccentrics provide high centrifugal force for greater productivity.

Who uses trench rollers?
Commercial and general contractors; underground utility, and pipeline contractors

Where are trench rollers needed?
Backfills, railway and dam construction, Site preparation, utility construction, confined areas, landfills, pipeline work

What else may the customer need?
Operators may require forward plates, rammers, concrete vibrators, rebar equipment, skid steers, safety equipment

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Let’s Talk Trench Rollers.

  1. Flexible Drums - feature easy to remove drum rings that adjust from 33” to 24” working widths.
  2. Increased Performance & Stability - on uneven surfaces with a maintenance free oscillating articulation joint.
  3. Increased Control in All Terrain Conditions - with a wireless remote transmitter covering a wider operational area & two ideally positioned receiver eyes.
  4. Charge the Remote Control Battery - with a solar panel or cable connector.
  5. Easy Access to All Maintenance Points - with fold-up front and rear covers.

DID YOU KNOW? The RX1575 is the only trench roller to use a solar panel to charge the remote. It can be charged under both solar and ambient light.

Learn more! Download Trench Roller brochure or the MQ Soil Compaction Handbook at