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Diesel Generators

Trade Names: DCA, WhisperWatt, MQ Power



MQ Power generators are available in wide range of sizes to meet virtually any application. Their performance and quiet operating characteristics these generators to deliver reliable power under the most demanding conditions.

Who uses generators?General construction, special events, plant shutdowns, military, emergency response, agriculture, studio and entertainment, oil and gas exploration, back up and temporary power, concrete and asphalt batch plants

When do you recommend a diesel generator?
Long-term rentals for construction and industrial applications. Short-term such as festivals, concerts and sporting events.

What is the Required Voltage and Phase?
Generator solutions are available for single or three-phase applications and a variety of voltage settings.

What else may the customer need?
Air conditioning and heating, submersible pumps, cable & power distribution, lighting

How Do You Size A Generator?
Applications vary widely. Multiquip offers the following tools: Amperage & Sizing chart and Generator Sizing App. Experienced professionals are available to solve complex applications and provide additional training

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  1. Selection - Single-phase units from 6kW to 36kW; Single/Three-phase models from 6kVA to 600kVA
  2. Voltage Regulation - Superior regulation ±0.5% on all models*
  3. The Original WhisperWatt - legendary sound attenuation ideal for work on industrial or residential jobs.
  4. Digital Control Panel and analog instrumentation protect generator and engine and provides critical operating data.
  5. Fluid containment is available on selected models to prevent environmental spills.

DID YOU KNOW? Generators equipped with MQ exclusive PowerBalance helps our customers by monitoring loads and preventing unwanted shutdowns and wet stacking.

Learn more! Download information about generator sizing and the full range of Multiquip portable generators at